About Us

The Black Label Exhibition Corner (BLEC for convenience) borns from a long friendship between persons been for a long time in Second Life that somehow have "mixed", without any planning, their interests and their qualities.
So chaotically generated from the combination of a music club, an art and chat spot with friends and a young photographer too. it has evolved and, with the support of many people who were gradually added, the BLEC has begun to progress rapidly without even expect .
This makes this "place" free of tension to perfection or the professionalism and stubbornly in search of quality and sense of things and people.

Working here , not without difficulty we had our minds full of new ideas and projects, in addition to the classic art exhibitions 's, that lead us anywhere we like to go.
Thus was born the "Softie Permanent Gallery" ( Glitter's idea... she likes call herself " Storie's") with "works", (sorry for this term heavy) open to all forms of expression, a space, albeit limited physically, permanent fact and to the contrary it can be constantly renewed (by the artists themselves) in the works, performances or executions.
We are aware of the excessive scope to get this target for a group that basically only loves art and beauty (beauty will save Second Life?) and we want them all around us.

What about the "Art & Talk"?
Chat, good music, reading, ambitious projects; In short good time for those who loves idleness! (Idleness!) As one who loves A & T is the soul.,,, (Annafrancesca)
So we have projects , too many (may be), all beautiful, always with the back to heart and foremost with freedom.
Follow us, please ,chased with us the BLEC, maybe we do not come to anywhere but the journey will be interesting! (?...we hope)

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