Softie Gallery

Into Black Label Exhibition Corner there is a permanent expo , called Softie Gallery

Many of the most important artists put their works inside the main building, where anyone can visit at any time.

The artists who put their works:Aldiladeisogni,Astralia,Blip Mumzuff,Bryn Oh,Catt Scorpio,Cica Ghost,Ciottolina Xue,Eles,Enrico Yanden,Glitterprincess Destiny,Inara Pey,John Brianna,Judy Burton,LeMelonRouge,Lil,Maddy,Mistero Hifeng,MM,Paola Mills,Seersha Heart,Sniper Siemens,Solkide Auer,Terrygold,Vangogh Rembranch

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